2 Thesis Library System

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Now, in our society all over the world technology is the most important advancement, a necessity in bringing about progress as we move along in this computerized world.

These changes in effect make man’s life easier and more convenient.

The librarian and the library users still use the manual way of transacting of borrowing and returning of books. They use library cards and card catalogues in searching for reading and reference materials.

Objectives of the Study General Objective The objective of the study was to develop a computerized library system that will store the students records such as students basic information, books record, list of borrowers, returned books, borrowed books, and prescriptions of the librarian.

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MASTER IN INFORMATION AND LIBRARY SYSTEMS Rationale The design of the existing MLS curriculum was last revised in 1986.Librarians have the responsibility not only to know about the ways in which libraries will be managed using techniques of computerized, but also to be aware of the changes that computerized can bring to the library services in the near future.(Grace, 2011)Traditionally, library systems are implemented manually.Forms are given to Librarian and they fill them of using pens.The expectation of the 21 st century setting has expanded the role of librarians from mere passive custodians Course Title Units Lec.Hrs/Wk Lab Total Prerequisite(s) Background in Foundation of Libraries, Info Mgt, Info Organization & Servicing, and their equivalent Same None None ILS 230 Information Products and Services 3 1 6 7 ILS 240 Specialization Course 3 Elective 1 Information Preservation and Conservation 3 3 3 12 2 3 3 9 3 0 0 9 5 3 3 18 Total Second Year, First Semester Course No.Technology enabled software developers to computerize the library system.The automated library system helped the academe greatly.The primary complaint of school 1 administrators with this system is the tiresome task of searching through records just to verify your query data.The fast phased of technology attributed a lot to the improvement of the library system.Elective 2 ILS 399 Compre Total 9 Course Title Thesis Writing Units 3 6 Lec.3 Hrs/Wk Lab Total 0 3 Prerequisite(s) None None All core and specialization courses Second Year, Second Semester Course No. Residency/Graduation Prerequisite(s) None GRAND TOTAL 33 UNITS Summary Of Courses And Units Particulars A.


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