5 Paragraph Essay Aliens

Godwin begins his tale with a suggestion that a voyage to the moon would be the equivalent of the early explorations into what is now the U. A man of means gains favor with a Spanish Duke by committing robbery and murder.

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In it, a boy named Duracotus is magically transported to the moon by a demon.

Dreamers and readers have always been fascinated with the idea of the otherworldly, the extraterrestrial, the alien.

So long as we have been telling stories, those stories have contained life beyond what is seen—be they gods, monsters, or, for the purposes of this essay, aliens.

There is life on the moon and it is described in a scientific manner (apparently—I haven’t read the book).

My earliest encounter with an otherworldly lifeform was in by the bishop Francis Godwin, published 1638.


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