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Advice: Identify the core concepts and make sure you can explain them without looking at the material.

Advice: Identify the core concepts and make sure you can explain them without looking at the material.

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Are you a prospective nursing student with a nursing school admissions interview coming up?

Three nursing educators who’ve interviewed many student nurse hopefuls over the years offer seven tips to help you beat your pre-interview jitters and ace your interview. Consider the Interview an Opportunity It’s normal to be nervous, but take heart: The purpose of most nursing school interviews (whether they’re a required or optional part of the admissions process) is generally not to weed out applicants, but to provide for a face-to-face, two-way exchange of information about the particular program and how an applicant would fit in.

“If there’s a little hiccup in your academic background, you don’t need to overexplain it, but you shouldn’t overlook it either," she says, as faculty members will carefully pour over your test scores, grades in specific courses and GPA.

"If something is irregular, the applicant should mention it and take responsibility." Equally important: Avoid braggadocio in all forms, like exhibiting a “this program needs me” attitude. Be Professional Treat your nursing school interview just like a job interview.

If you've never been on such an interview, read up on basic job interviewing etiquette about what to wear and how to groom yourself (no visible tattoos, please), as well as the importance of a firm handshake and good eye contact.

Exams are here, but don’t panic yet if you feel unprepared.

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“You should become articulate in health issues, because you are trying to convince [your interviewers] that in two or four years you are going to be able to manage these important subjects with patients,” Chandler says. Prepare and Practice Some nursing school interview questions are pretty standard like, “Why do you want to be a nurse?

” (Hint: Don’t say, “Because my mother wants me to.”) Formulate and practice responses to such common questions in advance. “People will say they’re attracted to nursing because it’s a caring profession,” Chandler says.


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