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The seminar takes place over three days in the fall of the fellowship year.

The following Quick Guides provide examples of how to cite the literature that you use in your scholarly work.

If you have any previous peer-reviews, please upload them as well." "Posting of manuscripts on institutional websites or on recognized community preprint servers, such as bio Rxiv, is permitted under our publication policy.

Authors must retain copyright to such postings and are encouraged to contact the journal’s editors to discuss their specific manuscript if they have questions.

Please note that the AACR does not support posting of revised manuscripts that respond to editorial input and peer review or the final published version to preprint servers." All AHA journals share the same policy: "Posting of un-refereed manuscripts to a community pre-print server by the author will not be considered prior publication, provided that the following conditions are met: 1) During submission, authors must acknowledge pre-print server deposition and provide any associated accession numbers or DOIs; 2) Versions of a manuscript that have been altered as a result of the peer review process may not be deposited; 3) The pre-print version cannot itself have been indexed in MEDLINE or Pub Med; 4) Upon publication, authors are responsible for updating the archived pre-print with a DOI and link to the published version of the article." "Author-prepared files only may be used; files prepared and/or formatted by AIP Publishing or its vendors (e.g., the PDF, Post Script, or HTML article files published in the online journals and proceedings) may not be used for this purpose." From the guidelines to the authors: "Authors are allowed to present and discuss their findings ahead of publication at scientific conferences, on preprint servers (such as ar Xiv, bio Rxiv, or Peer J preprints among others), in public databases, and other informal communication channels.

When submitting a manuscript for review, authors need to disclose preprints, databases, proceedings, or other preliminary communications or depositories. Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students; enrollment is limited to students with a major in Art; enrollment limited to students in a Master of Fine Arts degree.This is a list of academic journals by their submission policies regarding the use of preprints prior to publication, such as the ar Xiv, and bio Rxiv.The total award of up to ,000 includes a stipend plus additional funds for university fees and research support.In addition to the monetary support that the fellowship offers, Dissertation Completion Fellows may apply to participate in a seminar on preparing for the academic job market.The information below is a summary of the program, and details eligibility, application requirements, and evaluation criteria for the program.Please read carefully through the material and accompanying FAQ.For La Te X users we strongly recommend to prepare references with Bib Te X. If references are prepared manually, the authors should check them for completeness and correctness. However, abstracts, conferences, or personal communications need not be disclosed.This prior disclosure does not constitute prior publication." From the submission FAQ: "ASM journals will consider for publication manuscripts that have been posted in a recognized not-for-profit preprint archive, providing that upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication the author is still able to grant ASM copyright or agree to the terms of an Open Access license and pay the associated fee." From Author Center: "All ASCO journals will consider publication of manuscripts that contain information previously posted on preprint servers.


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