All Quiet On The Western Front Research Paper

He waits in the hole with the dead man for hours upon hours, until he feels it is safe enough to return to his regiment’s trench.

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Paul and his friends, hungry and tired, are delighted when their friend Katczinsky (“Kat”) returns after a search for food with two loaves of bread and a bag of raw horsemeat.

Kat, Paul explains, has always been uncannily resourceful.

They are later sent to another village to help evacuate civilians. The novel then shifts away from Paul’s first-person perspective and ends with an announcement that Paul has died.

During the evacuation, however, the French bombard the town, and Paul and his friend Albert Kropp are injured. Paul undergoes surgery and is sent back to the front lines. Kat is hit while searching for food, and, afraid that he doesn’t have time to wait, Paul carries him to the dressing station. The army report issued on the day of his death stated only this: All quiet on the Western Front.

Kemmerich, one of Paul’s classmates, has suffered a wound in his thigh that resulted in amputation, and some of the soldiers go to visit him in St. They quickly realize that Kemmerich will die there, and Müller, another of the soldiers, asks Kemmerich for his boots, a moment that is discomforting but irreproachably logical.

Paul visits Kemmerich again, alone, and during this visit Kemmerich dies; Paul calls out for help, and a doctor refers him to an orderly.

The young men soon learn that the romanticized version of war that was described to them is nothing like the battlefields they encounter.

The novel opens with the group having just been relieved from their position on the front lines.

Paul next spends four weeks at a training camp before heading back to the front.

Across from the base is a camp for Russian prisoners; Paul witnesses and ruminates on how similar his enemies look to his neighbours. He and his friends are given new clothing in preparation for a visit from someone implied to be the German emperor William II, referred to in the novel as the Kaiser, who will be doing an inspection.


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