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Legge replies that Owen seems to have wanted to address "cases the law couldn't touch".

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She is accused of killing a little boy named Cyril.

Cyril was drowning and she tried to save him, but the mystery was whether or not she truly tried to save him.

In addition, they had been informed by Isaac Morris, acting for U. Owen, that an odd bet related to spending a week on a deserted island was taking place.

Maine states that nothing further can be uncovered about Owen because Morris did such a clever job of covering his employer's tracks.

Macarthur throughout the story starts to put the pieces together and realizes that they were all sent here for a reason.

General Macarthur tells Vera, “You’ll be glad too, when the end comes. He believes that he was sent to the island to die because of what he did.She gets freaked out because she thinks the seaweed on her shoulder is Cyril’s hand.Towards the very end of the novel, Vera learns to accept that she truly did plan and plot to kill Cyril.When Legge asks if the townspeople helped to shed any light on the case, Maine informs him that they were no real help.Because of the former owner's outlandish parties, the townspeople were used to strange happenings on the island.Maine also comments that Morris too was recently murdered and notes that Morris was likely involved in criminal activities.Main then states that Fred Narracott took his boat to the island after learning that a group of Boy Scouts had seen SOS signals from the island.Vera is nervous to go back on the sea because it reminds her of her crime.She tries really hard not to harp on her past but it is all she can think about and being on the sea makes it worse.Her admitting to herself that she truly did plan and plot Cyril’s death causes her more madness. General Macarthur feels some guilt for his past in the army.She realizes that there is no room for forgiveness. He was accused of killing Arthur Richmond, a man who was serving under him in the war in France and was killed in action.


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