Anti Bullying Law Essay

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According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, about 30% of youth in the US are believed to be involved with bullying, either as a perpetrator, victim or both. Education Com reports that bullying is an age-old problem because children are afraid of retribution and consequences, and adults often do not handle bullying episodes with respect to the victim.Bystanders usually do not intervene, allowing the bullying to continue.

Anti Bullying Law Essay

Part of it is the anonymity of online bullying, which allows people to say nearly anything they wish to say without fear of reprisal.

Part of it too is the ubiquity of online access, where children and adults can go online at any time of day, any day, and specifically target individuals to terrorize and harass.

But recent efforts by the schools, he courts, the police and other interested groups have begun to take a hard look at the practice of bullying, both in the workplace and in the schools.

In the wake of Phoebe's case, however, the District Attorney filed felony charges against nine teenagers connected with Phoebe's death.

The felony charges range from statutory rape to stalking, and civil-rights violations.


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