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The main research asked in the article “Abstinence-Only and Comprehensive Sex Education and the Initiation of Sexual Activity and Teen Pregnancy” was whether teaching teens comprehensive sex education versus abstinence only until marriage had more of an affect on whether teens ended up having sexual intercourse, pregnant or with a sexually transmitted disease. AIDS awareness series for Med APT: Medical Awareness & Preparedness Training PREVENTION by Wikipedia.Licensed under CC Attribution 2.0 license" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567842965" English: A poster promoting the U. military's WWI policy of abstinence to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567842965"Researchers wanted to see how effected both were.Sex education also clarifies some misconceptions that prevail among the young population.

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– Often, sexual education can go against moral or religious beliefs of an individual.

Many schools do not teach abstinence-only, but to teach how to have sex safely, while many of the religious and family stress marriage before intercourse.

– Sex education Is often seen as a “recreational” course and not a serious Issue (this Is a direct correlation with the fact that there are no grades or scores to be derived from class).

– Teachers are not always adequately trained to teach sexual education and may violate their own beliefs or morals on the subject rather than continuing with the facts.

– Most education is taught as a brief interlude in physical education or health class.

This is not enough time to relate effectively to serious material.

Cons of sex education In schools: – Students may still be subject to embarrassment or excitable by subject matter.

This can make for out of control classrooms if students take to laugh or make inappropriate comments.

These days sex education is no longer an issue it is agreed among the masses that it should be taught but the difference comes in how it should be taught.

Conservatives and Liberals both agree that sex education in public schools is important but they have very different ways and opinions on exactly what students have the right to know and what they feel is right.


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