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Little is known about them, but scholars have recorded that his father, Nicomachus, served as the court physician to the King of Macedon.

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Not long after, in 335, Aristotle returned to Athens and founded a school, the Lyceum.

Here, Aristotle lectured, conducted research, and established a library.

Most American men have a disposition to wear pants.

Because dispositions are variable, we must make certain decisions in given situations that we would not make in other situations.

Upon Alexander's death in 323, the anti-Macedonian party grew strong in Athens.

Some of its officials charged him with impiety and prosecuted him.Following this incident, Aristotle left the directorship of his school to Theophrastus and departed Athens for the last time.He retired to Chalcis and died in the next year, 322.A disposition has to be learned in response to a situation.For example we learn to wear certain styles of clothing.In America, it a norm for men to wear pants; skirts and dresses are typically considered women's clothing.Men could wear dresses if they wanted to, and they are physically able to do so, but most men choose not to.He arrives at the theory that virtue is a disposition through augment by elimination.Virtue is a character trait, and character traits are part of an individual.When Aristotle was seventeen, his guardian sent him to study in Athens, under Plato.Aristotle spent twenty years at the Academy and left after Plato's death in 347 B. After a period of travel, Aristotle married Pythias, with whom he had a daughter and probably a son, Nicomachus.


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