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And in order for everything to work as intended, you need those drivers to be up to date.

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It took a little bit of time to get it set up between jstest-gtk and the emulator (I use ZSNES).

After getting the controller to read properly through jstest-gtk I had to go into my emulator and assign all the buttons.

And here’s exactly what you need to do: Just like that’s the case with proper drivers, the PS3 controller also needs redistributables in order to function properly.

The most important ones are Visual C redistributables and the latest version of . So, make sure you have these installed on your computer.

If that’s the case, just disable your antivirus program while using the PS3 controller, and you should be good. Make sure none of the programs you’re using are actually malicious and be very careful while surfing the internet with your antivirus protection disabled.

As you probably know, you need proper drivers in order to use the PS3 controller on PC., you need to configure the analog joysticks, (there is a way to avoid this later but I haven't look how to write the configuration file), then you are good to go, I use it with MAME and others, I still can't make it work with some snes emulators, hope this work for any who need to use it with the USB port.Windows 10‘s beautiful versatility allows us to use hardware that’s not originally designed for PC on our computers.In fact, a few users confirmed this helped them overcome various PS3 controller issues.If you’re not sure how to reset your controller, just look for the small button at the back of your controller.Speaking of drivers, some Play Station 3 controller drivers or programs might not work properly in Windows, simply because they’re not digitally signed by Microsoft.To prevent this, you’ll need to disable digital driver enforcement.One of the most popular ‘third-party’ devices that Windows users love to use is the Play Station 3 controller.But since the process of connecting the PS3 controller to PC is not officially approved, there might be some issues on the way.complains about enabling bluetooth, then Super Tux 2 can't find the controller anymore when I click scan.After reading this article, I found out I have to press the PS button to get it working...


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