Atomic Bomb Essay Thesis

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Additionally, there was no talk that Japan would be allowed to conduct a sufficiently independent state policy.

The Americans were sure that if the Japanese had once started a war, they could unleash it once again.

On this basis, the US was building its policy, first of all, economic.

The Japanese, with the scarcity of resources, had to live well, relying on its production potential, culture and skills, the highest productivity, and discipline.

However, the second, and the third days passed, and there was no trace of Japan’s readiness for unconditional surrender from Tokyo.

Under these conditions, the Soviet Union entered military operations against Japan, which radically changed the course of events.

The tragedy is believed to have various negative social, ecological, health, psychological, and other consequences, which mainly revealed in the situation among the Japanese country and people.

Although, the impact was also visible in the countries involved in that process.

From this, the war of the Soviet Union against Japan was fair for its people, while for the victims of the Japanese aggression (and the Japanese themselves) it had a humane face.

Having sanctioned the use of the atomic bomb in these conditions, the US leadership, in its turn, indicated political and military adventurism that led the world to a historical nuclear stand-off.


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