Automated Library System Thesis

Libraries which have moved to open source ILS have found that vendors are now more likely to provide quality service in order to continue a partnership since they no longer have the power of owning the ILS software and tying down libraries to strict contracts.

Most ILSes separate software functions into discrete programs called modules, each of them integrated with a unified interface.

Examples of modules might include: Prior to computerization, library tasks were performed manually and independently from one another.

The following year's survey (published in April 2013) reported an increase to 14%, stating that "open source ILS products, including Evergreen and Koha, continue to represent a significant portion of industry activity.

Of the 794 contracts reported in the public and academic arena, 113, or 14 percent, were for support services for these open source systems." The use of cloud-based library management systems has increased drastically since the rise of cloud technology started.


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