Bayonet Charge Ted Hughes Essay

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Resources included: an editable Power Point presentation on Ted Hughes’ ‘Bayonet Charge’; a poetry planning table; 20 poetry analysis questions; and a booklet containing the poetry questions, with space to respond.

This poetry resource complements the video annotation of Ted Hughes’ ‘Bayonet Charge’, on Poetry Essay’s You Tube channel.

by Ted Hughes both present ideas about the confusion and terror experienced by individuals in the middle of violence. Punctuation is usually used to break up the text, but in this case he is being harassed by the language surrounding him as people shout to be heard, and his head cannot make sense of it all. Using punctuation as an image also suggests that the violence has come about because of a failure to communicate, making it seem pointless. Conclusion The soldier in Bayonet Charge also questions his country: ?

This gives the poem a sense of immediacy as the character is already in full motion charging to battle. Middle This gives the idea that the character is both physically blocked, but also trapped psychologically.

Overall, I believe these poems are trying to show how the effects of war reach everyone, causing confusion and terror especially for those witnessing it first hand.

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Terror has become the emotion driving him forward rather than a more noble motive.Very informative and ideal for making sure GCSE students understand how the poet has written to create meaning.Use the video as part of your revision – have a copy of the poem in front of you and stop the playback whilst you annotate; this is so much better than simply reading the poem or looking through your notes.Here, Hughes uses a hyperbole to shock the reader into why anyone would want to go through that, just for "honour" and "human dignity" ..more.Annotation prompts for Ted Hughes’ ‘Bayonet Charge’.We feel that the protagonist is unprepared, and here this is a metaphor to portray how men are joining the war unaware of what is to come, a sense of bewilderment in a result of the misleading propaganda via the government.Moreover, this emotion is exemplified again when Hughes incorporates imagery to describe his uniform as "hot khaki", suggesting he's sweating with fear, as if he's been misplaces into a battle scenario. Middle The last word - etcetera - suggests that he believes war isn't even worth going through, and therefore crushing all the quotes before hand.He immerses it into the list of common reasons why people join the war, making the reader rethink the generic excuses to join the war, suggesting the leaders who feed the public this information don't really understand.This opinion can be seen in Owen's Futility, as he asks "what made fatuous sunbeams toil", the anger and animosity of war is clear, and we begin to discover his views on the matter.They both also portray the "fatuous" involvement of the men going to war, as Hughes perfectly put it - "crawled in a threshing circle".The imagery used adds a revolting scene, and suggests pain and fear beyond expression.


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