Bilingualism Thesis Statement

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Beardsmore believes if a bilingual individual's two ethnic cultures are mutually exclusive, it is almost impossible to join them in harmony.It is also quite difficult to determine if the stress factor of a child recently who recently emigrated from a foreign country is due to the results of immigration from the old land or the attempt at immersion into the new land.This also suggests that faculty should assess their students’ levels of fluency in both languages to insure that true bilingualism has been achieved.

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The second is fear felt strictly by the individual, but the two fears are often linked together.

There is an apprehension felt by many parents who come from a unilingual background and are put into an environment where there is somewhat of a need to be bilingual.

A student’s level of bilingualism at the point of graduation from an interpreter education program is influenced, in part, by the coursework they are required to take while in college.

With this in mind, students’ fluency in both ASL and English should be an essential part of the coursework.

While this is true in a sense, we are all evolving in some way and adapt other cultural practices to some extent throughout our lifetimes.

Many times we do not even realize this happens until it is called to our attention (Beardsmore).

It has been widely reported that the majority of individuals who speak two languages with fluency have the ability to do this because it has become somewhat of a second nature to them as a result of the need to learn the second language due to family needs, employment changes, or educational demands.

However, as a whole, the population has been hesitant to embrace bilingualism in the past. The first type of fear described by the population concerns that of societal pressure.

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Bilingualism Paper Introduction One of the earliest definitions of bilingualism consisted of using the term to define the native-like use of two languages by the same individual, but later academic scholars have broadened the scope of this definition to include other aspects in order to account for the influx of immigration into various areas around the globe and the need for these immigrants to speak two languages without an expert amount of fluency.


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