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A business plan is a written document that describes your business.It covers objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts.This template's a guide – some of the sections may not apply to your type of business.

Are you daunted by the thought of writing a big, formal business plan? A lot of people start and never finish, but you don’t have to be one of them.

You can start with smaller tasks and work your way up. You know where you want to go, you just need to write down the directions to get there.

For instance, if you delete a section, the numbering of all the remaining sections will update on their own.

Also, the boxes you fill in will automatically expand as you’re typing if you need the extra space, without changing the rest of the table.

It’s easy to add a section and make it look the same as the rest of your business plan.

Just highlight a line that has the formatting you’d like to copy, click on the paintbrush on the top left of the home page, then click on your new text.A business plan helps you to: You’ll need a business plan if you want to secure investment or a loan from a bank.Read about the finance options available for businesses on the Business Finance Guide website.This is your plan so go ahead and tweak it until it fits you and your business perfectly.We’ve designed the template to be as stress-free as possible, even if you haven’t used Microsoft Word much before.Hey presto – it’ll look just like the section you’ve copied.Once you’re done with this introductory page, feel free to delete it.The good news is it doesn’t have to be super detailed straight away. That’s because there are two types of business plan: The content of each is broadly the same. It’s often harder to write something short, so take a few passes. Rather than doing a whole heap of research, they launch their service or product quickly and watch the reaction of paying customers. After gathering that feedback, the business adjusts and improves their offering as fast as possible.


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