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And of course, to go along with all this testing don’t forget to train your recovery team members.

And of course, to go along with all this testing don’t forget to train your recovery team members.

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The RPO will help IT determine what backup strategy will be required.

For example, let’s say the owner of the business function states they can afford to lose up to one day’s worth of entered data.

Whether it's a natural disaster such as an ice storm, or a serious accident in an industrial plant, an unforeseen event can disrupt business operations at any company.

After all, in an emergency situation, your employees may not be able to come to work.

Put an alternate phone number down and remember to put the area code and/or country code because people will dial what they see and if you have people in different area codes, they need to know the full phone number.

Just a quick sidebar on preventive measures like surge protectors, UPSs, backup generators, dual but separate power feeds, dual but separate ISP connections. If you have a data center or just a server room, you need to consider all of those things which go into supporting the infrastructure to “PREVENT” interruptions from occurring.

With a little give and take on both sides — and there are always options — in this case it might make sense to change the RTO to eight hours or to purchase a second server and implement HA (High Availability) clustering. The COOP is where the owner of the business function will define how they’re going to continue to do business while IT is restoring the systems that crashed.

Pay particular attention to (HINT) documented procedures for manual processes.

Obviously it is more expensive to have a mirror image redundant site and it is debatable as to whether a reciprocal agreement will actually provide the facilities you need in the event of a disaster. And last, but not least, are your backups; tapes or whatever; protected from the same disaster.

One thing to consider, particularly in light of 9/11 and the recent tsunami, is how many businesses are using your same backup site and what happens if that backup site can’t support a major disaster? In other words are they stored a reasonable distance away from your business such that the disaster will not affect the backups.


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