Can U Write A Paper On An Ipad

You begin to look for the usual suspcets, but Word doesn’t exist for the i Pad and Apple’s Pages is something you could probably avoid if you’re willing to look around a little bit.

Or…you could just take a look below and get a taste of what I consider to the 5 best writing apps for the i Pad. That’s the whole idea behind i A Writer, which first appeared on the Mac and has since made its way to both the i Pad (and very recently, the i Phone).

It’s awkward, tiring, and the result is usually sloppy.

That’s why the Paper Like i Pad screen protector was specially designed to pair perfectly with an Apple Pencil to give you back the control, speed, and dexterity of working on paper... The i Pad’s smooth, glass screen lacks any kind of resistance.

How capable depends on how demanding you are about your word processing.

Whether or not you have a physical keyboard (Logitech makes a very functional–and very thin–bluetooth keyboard) also matters, as does simply what you’re used to, how flexible you are, and how mobile you need to be.We didn’t just develop the ideal screen protector, we also developed the easiest way to apply it.Each pack comes with everything you need, detailed instructions, and a video that walks you through the process. Using an i Pad in the sun means glare that hurts your eyes and reflections that make the screen hard to see.And, no, the friction won’t burn out your Apple Pencil tips.Many screen protectors are difficult to apply, tear easily, or lift after just a few uses.In short, the i Pad is more than adequate for all but the most demanding writer, even more so when using apps that are designed to be used on the i Pad.Below, listly user Rabab Khan offers 20 apps for writing on the i Pad.Those using Byword on the Mac should jump into using it on the i Pad to create a continuum in their writing workflow, and the consistency across all platforms is what makes this one a winner in my books during my brief look at it for the i Pad.There are others to consider (Notesy immediately comes to mind), but hopefully with this guide you’ll be able to find the writing app for your i Pad that best suits you.It does allow for syncing via Dropbox and is perhaps the most frictionless app on this list because of its stripped-down nature.The new kid on the i OS block, Byword has been around on the Mac for some time.


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