Careers In Problem Solving

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We can help with that…With a range of roles on offer in a wide variety of different sectors, choosing the right one for you can often feel like a difficult decision to make.

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Analytical thinkers can excel in this role as it takes great attention to detail, a love of problem solving and the ability to absorb and remember large volumes of information.

As a logistics manager, you’ll also need the ability to plan projects and consistently supply new strategies to ensure goods are always delivered on time.

Additionally, customer service jobs, accountancy and finance positions, and even work in manufacturing or transport and logistics, should suit your personality type perfectly.

If you’re still struggling, try specifically searching for jobs that highlight “excellent organisational skills” (including the quotation marks) and the filtering by sector – it should help to narrow down your options.

The Problem-Solving Initiative challenges and empowers young people in Ireland to hone these transferrable skills, which are a critical requirement for the future leaders in STEM fields.

Students who love solving problems can consult a variety of resources to ascertain the kinds of roles most suited to their skills and interests.

Excellent organisational skills are also a benefit when it comes to keeping on top of numerous cases and clients.

The ability to think creatively, and to innovate and adapt to change, is a prerequisite for life and for the workplace in the 21st century.

Courses to get you started: Researching legal matters, preparing contracts and legal documentation—these are some of the administrative and clerical duties a legal secretary performs for a law firm.

The role would put an analytical thinker’s key skills to good use as it takes the ability to work with copious amounts of information each day, plus great attention to detail.


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