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It is also important to note that music itself is less a form of free speech, and more a form of advertising.

It is also important to note that music itself is less a form of free speech, and more a form of advertising.

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The singers, bands, or artists creating the music become role models for children and teenagers.

Children and teenagers then begin to associate what the artists do with what is considered appropriate behavior. Even if the actual lyrics have not been produced by the singer, the young audience associates the lyrics with the singer and so determines that what they are singing about is appropriate.

The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees every American citizen the freedom of speech, which means a right to freely express one’s thoughts and ideas.

The freedom of speech is an integral American value—one of the pillars on which American society was built.

Artists are being banned and led into oblivion because of swear words yet we see Neo Nazi and KKK parades.

They go around holding posters with slurs and insults and screaming offensive things.

Censorship is meant to regulate such controversies; on the other hand, censorship can be compared to a poisonous gas: it can turn against the attacker if the wind changes (ACLU). It is shielded from revealing their sources, as it is protected by the First Amendment, and Obama’s administration even offered a federal shielding law for journalists.

The first recorded case of censorship in the United States occurred in 1734-1735, when a New York-based newspaper printer John Peter Zenger, who was accused of slandering the governor of New York (Zenger published a seditious libel criticizing the authorities) and was taken into custody. Besides, digital media sources and the Internet are more difficult to control, monitor, and censor.

However, being that music is a form of expression, Magazines can do the same things and on the Internet, you are allowed to post almost anything you want. which was never played on many stations in the early 1970?

Yet you rarely find any restrictions on these forms of expressions. s because it depicted sexual actions, yet at the same time there were magazines like Playboy and books that could have been about sex that did not receive the same attention.


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