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As a connoisseur of Chinese painting Cahill had few peers.

The other is titled Gazing into the Past: Scenes from Later Chinese & Japanese Painting.

James Cahill recorded several more video lectures which were completed after his death, and which are now newly posted in the series Gazing into the Past.

Welcome to James Cahill's website, which continues his legacy and makes accessible to all colleagues, students, and enthusiasts for Asian art, a diversity of materials: his unpublished writings, lectures, collections of images, and two series of video-recorded lectures.

One is titled Both of these series are posted for free viewing on the website of the Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, but can also be accessed through this website.

In 1973 he was a member of the Chinese Archaeology Delegation, the first group of art historians to visit China from the U.

S., and in 1977 he returned to China as chairman of the Chinese Old Painting Delegation, which was given unprecedented access to painting collections there.Fortunately, Cahill gathered his lectures, reminiscences, essays, lyrics, childhood poetry, stories from his life, and writings about music, politics, society, art, and a variety of topics, all on This website stands as a tribute to his scholarship, his cultural tastes, and his boundless creative imagination.A number of his books and articles have attained an especially wide readership in Chinese translation in China and Taiwan.In 2010 the Smithsonian Institution awarded him the Charles Lang Freer Medal for his lifetime contributions to the history of Asian and Near Eastern art.A documentary about James Cahill is currently being made by Skip Sweeney and Video Free America, and fundraising efforts are under way.Most narratives of Chinese Contemporary Art start from the end of the Cultural Revolution.Please visit the documentary’s website, to see a preview and donate whatever you can to help fund this important film celebrating the life and work of James Cahill.Trailer on You Tube: I Documentary Website: Page: https:// James Cahill 1926-2014In Loving Memory by Howard Rogers and Nick and Sarah Cahill The firmament of Chinese painting studies lost one of its brightest stars on February 14th, 2014 with the death of James Francis Cahill at age eighty-seven while at home in Berkeley, California.His major late-life project was a series of video-recorded lectures titled , a collaboration with the Institute for East Asian Studies, available on this website for free viewing.Before his death he recorded another group of video lectures which will be made available in coming months.


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