Commercializing Education Essay

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Commercialization makes sure that students reach their full potential.

Also, commercialization would lead to competition among the “bringers of education” which would lead to a simple market correction thus bringing down the price.

Education Source Education is the process of imparting, receiving or acquiring knowledge, skills or ideas either formally or informally.

Commercialization Commercialization in an ordinary parlance simply means the application of business methodology in any activity with an expectation of economic return.

In a utopian world, there would be a balance between public and private schools, with public schools not being too shoddy and private schools not being too expensive.

A few steps towards this goal would be increasing government funding of schools, adopting policies that ensure free and fair competition among parties that ply the trade of education and ensuring that the sector doesn’t get overly commercialized.

Education is considered of incredible importance in the modern world.

From well educated people like Barack Obama and Dr.

First of all, it allows for more money to flow into the sector.

Government funding of public schools and colleges is abysmally low internationally and the standard of education isn’t very high to begin with.


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