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These fourteen courses comprise eight English courses and six Creative Writing courses.English majors with a Creative Writing emphasis should note the following: The Minor in Creative Writing offers a structured environment in which students interested in writing fiction or poetry develop their skills while receiving an introduction to literary forms.You still need to compose an outline that includes a thesis and supporting details.

Highly qualified students may also be admitted to the 5-year BFA/MFA in Creative Writing or to the BFA/Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

STS Creative Writing Workshops provide students with the tools needed for effective writing and how to use the process of collecting ideas and information, organizing, refining, and proofreading to further enhance their communication.

Using the outline that you have laid out begin to brainstorm some different ideas for your creative essay.

Consider carefully what type of statement you want to make with your paper.

Courses counted towards the requirements for the minor may not be applied to student's major requirements.

Chatham University offers students the opportunity to complete a rigorous program of study in the English Department which leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Stanford’s Creative Writing Program--one of the best-known in the country--cultivates the power of individual expression within a vibrant community of writers.

Many of our English majors pursue a concentration in creative writing, and the minor in Creative Writing is among the most popular minors on campus.

These majors and minors participate in workshop-based courses or independent tutorials with Stegner Fellows, Stanford’s distinguished writers-in-residence.

The English major with a Creative Writing emphasis is a fourteen-course major.


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