Critical Thinking Course Syllabus

Critical Thinking Course Syllabus-19
Assignments submitted late will receive reduced points.

Your instructor will be happy to work with you on these points, on a draft-revision basis, if you so desire.

You are also encouraged to consult the Writing Resources page on the SCPS website.

In certain SCPS courses in the Lifelong Learning Area of the BA curriculum, instructors regularly use the pass/fail grading system.

However, SCPS also offers students the opportunity in several of these courses to select a "Grading" option where grades A through C- represent passing performance.

This course aims to a) make students more aware of their own thinking processes; b) help them develop those processes; and c) help them bring those skills to bear on college-level intellectual activity.

This involves an emphasis on the skills and strategies of close reading and analysis as well as practice in the recognition, construction and evaluation of arguments.

In making such assessments your instructor will strive to be clear, flexible, forthright and empathetic.

Critical Thinking is designed as a Pass/Fail course.

The Lifelong learning courses Learning Assessment Seminar , Foundations , and Summit Seminar will continue to employ the pass/fail system exclusively.

This policy applies to the other lifelong learning competencies and courses including, Academic Writing for Adults , Critical Thinking , Research Seminar , and Externship .


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