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It is an active, step-by-step learning process, with plenty of practice of a sort that instills in readers a growing sense of mastery and, with it, a desire to continue to improve.The illustrations, diagrams, and easy to understand explanations help kids learn to assess available evidence and use it to intelligently evaluate claims and arguments before making decisions.Featuring plenty of updated exercises for a wide rangeof subject areas, A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking Deciding What to Do and Believe, Second Edition alsoincludes: * Numerous real-world examples from many fields of research,which reflect the applicability of critical thinking in everydaylife * New topical coverage, including the nature of reasons,assertion and supposing, narrow and broad definitions,circumstantial reasons, and reasoning about causal claims * Selected answers to various exercises to provide readers withinstantaneous feedback to support and extend the lessons A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking Deciding What to Doand Believe, Second Edition is an excellent textbook forcourses on critical thinking and logic at the undergraduate andgraduate levels as well as an appropriate reference for anyone witha general interest in critical thinking skills. Hunter, Ph D, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Ryerson University, Canada.

A thoroughly updated introduction to the concepts, methods, andstandards of critical thinking, A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking: Deciding What to Do and Believe, Second Edition is a unique presentation of the formal strategiesused when thinking through reasons and arguments in many areas ofexpertise.

Pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to criticalthinking, the book offers a broad conception of critical thinkingand explores the practical relevance to conducting research acrossfields such as, business, education, and the biologicalsciences. Critical Thinking in Practice Chapter 2 Clarifying Meaning1.

read more see less The text covers all the relevant technical aspects of introductory logic and critical thinking, and covers them well.

However, the terms are clearly and thoroughly explained within the text, and the index is very thorough. The exercises are excellent and would be very helpful for students to internalize correct critical thinking practices.

Critical Thinking in Practice Chapter 4 Acceptable Reasons1.

Critical Thinking in Practice Chapter 5 Reasoning about Alternatives and about Necessary and Sufficient Conditions1.

Applying rigor when necessary, the Second Edition maintainsan informal approach to the fundamental core concepts of criticalthinking.

With practical strategies for defining, analyzing, andevaluating reasons and arguments, the book illustrates how theconcept of an argument extends beyond philosophical roots intoexperimentation, testing, measurement, and policy development andassessment.

It also features different resources to introduce teachers to the concept of critical thinking and provides them with practical guides on how they can go about incorporating critical thinking skill in their instruction.

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