Current Steering Dac Thesis

Current Steering Dac Thesis-25
All schematic level designs are done in virtuoso schematic design tool of Cadence IC 6.1.6 and executed in spectre simulator.

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In this paper, an 8-bit segmented current-steering digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is presented where the digital and analog parts are unified using current mode binary to thermometer decoder, resulting in a smaller chip area and simple layout scheme.

In addition, the latch and driver circuits which are the main blocks of conventional current-steering DACs are eliminated in this design.

Finally, the proposed DAC is simulated in 0.18 μm CMOS technology with the 1.8 V supply voltage.

The post-layout simulation results show that differential nonlinearity and integral nonlinearity errors are 0.034 and 0.024 LSB, respectively.

The modified CS architecture is segmented as 6 4, to achieve optimum performance and to minimise area, where 6 most significant bits (MSBs) are realized using a unary sub-DAC and 4 least significant bits (LSBs) are implemented in Chinese abacus technique.

This proposed DAC consists of only three different types of current sources.

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