Data Analysis Assignment

Data Analysis Assignment-40
(Each group member should do this part individually.) Implement your analysis, process your data, and interpret the results.Then, write a report that describes the results and conclusions of your analysis.

(Each group member should do this part individually.) Implement your analysis, process your data, and interpret the results.

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Your report should contain at least the following parts.It should be clear enough for another programmer, such as the course staff, to understand and modify if needed.Your source code documentation should assume that the programmer has already read your report — you do not need to repeat any of those details, but may wish to use concepts that it introduced.The staff may direct you to make changes to your proposal.For example, the staff may direct you to revise the scope of your proposal (we don't want you to proceed with a project that is too hard or too easy).Your project will use Python to help you answer your research questions.You might use Python to obtain the data, to clean/format it, and/or to process it (perform computations on it).If you do not work hard on Part I, you will not be prepared for Part II (not to mention that each part is graded).One group member should submit your report via Catalyst Collect It (a.k.a. Finally, answer a survey about how much time you spent on Part I of this assignment.This will help you to make a better estimate for your next project.It will also convince the course staff that you have done an acceptable amount of work for CSE 140.


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