Descriptive Essay About A Haunted House

Unfortunately, he doesn’t even last an hour for although no ghosts appear, the room does play with his perceptions of reality, causing him to have strange and gruesome visions and thoughts.Hotels, inns and even simple bed and breakfast places are great fodder for kicking up the horror muse in all of us. Go to Google, research on (local) hotels that have haunted pasts and try to book yourself and a friend or two for at least a weekend stay.

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I believe that each room has a story to tell, that beneath the scent of fresh pine and polish, clean sheets and sunshine, is the faint but murky smell of mysteries unsolved.

Was that room once occupied by a troubled couple who tried to make amends and things don’t quite go right?

Over the years, extensive studies on ghosts, hauntings and sightings have made them the leading paranormal team in the country and indeed the world.

They are usually called on by home or businesses owners, to investigate and to help solve whatever mysteries they might harbor.

Look at that closet carefully, can you see faint scratch marks on it?

Was someone locked in there and left to starve for days?When you look out that window, do you imagine someone leaping to their death either from committing suicide or a crime of passion?Sure, these might sound far-fetched, but you can never erase any and all possibilities from the mind.A team called TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) is a group of professional ghost hunters/busters, who are led by two plumbers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Their interest in the paranormal stemmed from having clients complain of strange activities in their home while they went about their plumbing work.Usually these were noises from either broken pipes or weak foundations, but eventually their curiosities were piqued and they became more interested in the paranormal and all things related to it.TAPS on assignment for a special Halloween episode, decided to document this to see if the rumors of hauntings and paranormal activities were really true.The hotel was emptied for the night, leaving only the TAPS team to do as they pleased.Was there a big fight, blood stains on the bed and floor?Were items smashed leaving a faint but barely noticeable dent on the wall?As a viewer, I can safely say I was spooked at the sight of that, and I’m one of the most skeptic people you’d ever meet.There was no wind, and no other indication that anyone walked into the room. A second test that stood out to me happened when both Jason and Grant walked into the basement of the hotel with equipments called EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Normally, they do not expect anything in return, but it doesn’t hurt to ask all the same.


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