Design Section Of Research Paper

In a descriptive research design, a researcher is solely interested in describing the situation or case under his/her research study.It is a theory-based research design which is created by gather, analyze and presents collected data.Understand opinions about the final evaluated scores and conclusion from multiple individuals and consider those who agree with the derived results.

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There are three main sections of research design: Data collection, measurement, and analysis.

The type of research problem an organization is facing will determine the research design and not vice-versa.

It is a causal research design where the effect caused by the independent variable on the dependent variable is observed.

For example, the effect of an independent variable such as price on a dependent variable such as customer satisfaction or brand loyalty is monitored.

Numbers provide a better perspective to make important business decisions.

Design Section Of Research Paper

Quantitative research design is important for the growth of any organization because any conclusion drawn on the basis of numbers and analysis will only prove to be effective for the business.By implementing an in-depth research design such as this, a researcher can provide insights into the why and how of is used to establish a relationship between the cause and effect of a situation.The A researcher must have a clear understanding of the various types of research design to select which type of research design to implement for a study.Research design can be broadly classified into quantitative and qualitative research design.Research design which produces the least margin of error in experimental research can be touted as the best.The essential elements of research design are: The results projected in research design should be free from bias and neutral.It is a highly practical research design method as it contributes towards solving a problem at hand.The independent variables are manipulated to monitor the change it has on the dependent variable.There is no assumption while evaluating a relationship between two different variables and statistical analysis techniques are used to calculate the relationship between them.Correlation between two variables is concluded using a correlation coefficient, whose value ranges between -1 and 1.


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