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These could be direct or indirect quotations of other thinkers that you meant to cite later but have become “buried” in your work.And of course they should be flagged to give you the opportunity to reference them if they turn out not to be your own. But if you’re expecting one single answer you may not be approaching it in the right way. Obviously this should start with you: there’s no point delivering your dissertation to a third-party to read unless you’ve been through your own work diligently, spotted typos and sentences that obviously don’t make sense, and evaluated your arguments as dispassionately as possible. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

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If you’re working on a postgraduate dissertation, there is a certain instruction you’ve no doubt been given over and over again.

How you organise your arguments, and the logical flow from one to the next, are vitally important considerations.

You may have good ideas and even be able to support them well, but a proofread should be able to tell you whether your points are presented in the best order for maximum effect. If your arguments are sufficiently well ordered and linked, your readers should be able to anticipate your conclusion because it will be the inevitable destination of the logical train you’ve set in motion.

In a Master’s dissertation, the little touches also matter.

You could be penalised for not sticking rigidly to formatting guidance and referencing conventions throughout.

At Master’s level especially, flow is a crucial aspect of your dissertation.

Unless you’re an exceptionally well-organised writer, the chances are that your dissertation contains at least some paraphrases or direct quotations of others’ work that you inserted without fully referencing them.


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