Do You Double Space Scholarship Essays

As you are writing the personal side of the essay it may help in your draft to tell the story of your motivations for getting involved.

It will also be important to include enough detail that someone in your discipline will have confidence that you understand the field in which you are working well enough to be able to contribute to the project in a meaningful way.

Your essay should convey an interest and commitment to the research.

Information on proper citation format can be found at: UW Libraries Citations Guide Odegard Writing Research Center Resources Please refrain from citing excessive sources not relevant to your project.

Your mentor will provide you the best feedback on your essay’s representation of the research you are doing and how it fits into a larger framework.

It is very important that reviewers get a sense of your passion and understanding for your project.

Do not cut and paste from papers or other proposals – it will be obvious to reviewers if you do and it will not convey your own understanding of your research.

Reviewers will be from a variety of fields, so it is best to address your essay to an intelligent non-expert.

Define field-specific terminology and be sure to give the big picture of your research area.

It is important that reviewers learn how you are contributing to the research, particularly if you have a role in a larger, ongoing project.

If your research is of your own design, be sure to include how your faculty mentor helps you to make progress in your work.


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