Elder Abuse Research Paper

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The majority also consisted of 93.2% females with only 6.8% ...?

Case Analysis This case analysis highlights elder abuse, which may not be acknowledged in the society.

to include physical, psychological, or financial abuse, and neglect,” referring to the elderly as the victim.

Elderly, too, may be of contention since acceptable age range or bracket may be different from one institution or state to another.

APS is usually the agency that handles elder mistreatment.

Mc Namee and Murphy cited lack of knowledge about elder abuse with the case of nursing home caretaker Charles Cullen as example.Normally, domestic violence includes various types of physical and mental cruelty ranging from a slap or shove, to a punch or kick, and to the more extreme manifestations of violence such as suffocation, strangulation, attempted murder and murder.Significantly, the behavior that is generally known as domestic violence can take on various aspects... Domestic Abuse in Tennessee The legacy of family violence is often passed from generation to generation as the children who witness abuse today willbecome the perpetrators of domestic violence tomorrow.Elderly individuals, too, also experience signs and symptoms that are disease related which may be mistaken for abuse or maltreatment.Thus, caretakers, family members, and health professionals are not alarmed about the real causes even when incidents lead to death (Mc Namee and Murphy, 2006).It was observed that resolution of elder abuse require multidisciplinary approach of which administrators form adult protective services and the criminal justice system cooperate to address cases and prevent repetition and escalation of the abusive acts as there are possibilities that unreported and undeterred abusers may turn to more victims.Local law enforcement have jurisdiction to investigate any complaint of elderly abuse and another investigative body is the adult protective services or APS.The perpetrators usually are sons, daughters, grandchildren and acquaintances.Assaulting by intimate relations like spouses to gain power on the elderly comes under 'domestic violence'.The story unfolds through childhood memories where Gilmore being the youngest in the family would love to play with his elder siblings just as other kids......Domestic Violence; Psychological Abuse Introduction: Problem ment Domestic violence, which is a pattern of abusive behaviors within the intimaterelationships such as marriage, dating, family, or cohabitation, has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the contemporary world and it is also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse or intimate partner violence (IPV).


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