Entrepreneur Essay Introduction

The relationship between uncertainty and entrepreneur has been considered from many authors. One of the main objectives of this essay is uncertainty.After the Great Recession of 2008, Americans increasingly spent their money on moderately priced forms of entertainment like the theatre instead of taking expensive vacations or going to high-priced sports events.

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In essence, if we were to sell liquor and beer with a 400% profit (every $7.00 shot costs roughly $1.75), we can assume that we could sell at least five hundred shots or beers per night, generating $3,500 in gross sales.

TThis is a much bigger margin than other industries, especially clothing and retail.

Because there needs to be final decisions made in companies, it is prudent that while every founder receives the same money for their input and investment, they are not all equal behind the scenes.

Such a company would struggle to move forward with a long-term agenda.

That will be the other purpose of this essay – to describe the imperfect information and highlight how crucial is this information for the view of the entrepreneur. The most common is: People who is running his own enterprise, self-employed or small-business.

However, what kind of information the entrepreneurs needs to start their own business and is it possible to start the new business without any information? There is a so many different views of entrepreneur.

Because the bar scene offers an array of possibilities for owners – dive bars cater to those in search of cheaper, affordable drinks while cocktail lounges cater to those in search of a more luxurious evening out – the name and market to which our bar will serve will require devout research in the industry.

Likely, we will try and cultivate a mix of cocktail appreciation with affordability and a more relaxed attitude towards the mixology movement, coming up with a classy name along the lines of the Speakeasy movement, such as Cole’s or French’s.

Totaling these numbers up, we may generate more than one million in sales; however, because it is our first year of business, we are expecting turbulence and potential problems arising.

By the end of our second year of business we expect to be profitable.


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