Essay About Causes And Effects Of Soil Pollution

Other released chemicals by various means like iron, mercury, lead, copper, cadmium, aluminium, zinc, industrial wastes, cyanides, acids, alkalies etc are the toxic chemicals causes soil pollution.

Soil pollution is the contamination of the fertile soil which reduces the productivity of soil because of various toxic pollutants.

Toxic pollutants are very dangerous and adversely affect the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.

Main cause of the soil pollution are excessive soil erosion, forest fires, use of chemical fertilizers to improve crop production, pesticides (insecticides and herbicides), biocides (malathion, D. T., dieldrin, endrin, aldrin, lindane) to get control over insects, urban and industrial wastes, leaching, drought, untreated industrial water irrigation, water logging, over irrigation, deforestation, etc.

It is increasing day by day at a faster rate in the rural and urban areas of the country.


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