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In addition, if the concept is new in your area, you’ll need to allow time to market your event so that everyone understands the approach, the benefits, and how to get involved.

That level of marketing takes much more time than simply distributing catalogs and order forms to the kids for a typical sales fundraiser.

Start as much as three months in advance to make your parents, school staff, and students aware of the event.

If this is the first time you’ve done a major “-athon” sponsorship fundraiser, you’ll need to educate your parent community. The answers to these questions should be evident in anything you send home to families.

To promote the event, use the school newsletter, email broadcasts, daily public address announcements, flyers, your PTO’s website, even street signs.

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If everyone understands the basic concept and purpose of the fun run, they will be raring to go when the pledge sheets are finally distributed.

Supporters can donate per lap or simply make a flat donation to the PTO.

After the run, students get prizes depending on their performance or level of financial support.

Usually a fun run is held during the school day, so teachers and other staff members must see this as an exciting, worthwhile schoolwide event rather than as an irritating disruption to their already full day.

Early on, communicate clearly with teachers about their role and show them how the proceeds will benefit the school and their classrooms.


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