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In brief, we should remember that English is spoken throughout the world, and used in all the contexts.Therefore we can conclude that English should be taught since primary school because it is beneficial in different aspects, and because early primary school is the best stage to start learning a language.

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Most learners, too, acknowledge the importance of vocabulary acquisition.

In my experience as a teacher, I noticed the fact that students usually find it difficult to speak English fluently.

Introduction THE ADVANTAGES OF LEARNING ENGLISH IN EARLY PRIMARY SCHOOL Until recently, English language learning in many countries did not begin until secondary school.

However, this is changing and we can notice the lowering of the age at which children learn a foreign language.

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The teacher has an essential role in helping students to improve their vocabulary.

Unfortunately, vocabulary teaching has not been enough responsive to such problems, and teachers have not recognized the tremendous importance of helping their students to develop an extensive vocabulary.

By the beginning of 1970s, there was a major change in teaching English.

The focus turned from the Direct Method and Audiolingualism to the Communicative Approach which emphasized the importance of teaching vocabulary.


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