Essay About The Great Depression

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Bing Crosby cemented his place as one of the all time greats of the showbiz world when his song "Brother, can you spare a dime? The people of America felt that they could turn to him when they needed to escape the harshness of reality and he did not let them down.

Even today, performers strive to give people what Crosby and his rich voice gave the struggling Americans of the Great Depression.

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In recent years, America has experienced one of the worst economic downturns in memory.

Many have compared it to the Great Depression, which swept the country throughout the 1930s.

Essay About The Great Depression

However, there have been no economic crises as truly terrible as the Great Depression and the entire population of Earth is hoping it stays that way.This was a leading causes that assisted the Great Depression become one of the bleakest and most studied events in the history of our country: yet not the only cause.Another large contributing factor was Mother Nature, I say this because in Oklahoma the weather was so dry that the farmers were unable to harvest their crops: these farmers became known as Okies.The land was a barren wasteland of dust and dirt in which it got it’s name the Dust Bowl.In other areas, the extreme opposite took place: farmers overproduced and prices rapidly dropped because the demand decreased.Speculation arouse months before the crash when Roger Babson made his speech at the annual National Business Conference which he said “…..Sooner or later a crash is coming which will take the leading stocks and cause a decline from 60 to 90 points in the Dow Jones Barometer.” This and many others speeches like this scared people into selling there stocks before the inevitable would happen.President Herbert Hoover had the misfortune of being in office when the Great Depression struck; as a result of this, his name became synonyms with the economic hardship and remains so even today.When President Hoover first took office, the wealthiest one percent of Americans owned a third of the country's assists; they also owned a third of America's whiteness and possessed a third of America's testosterone.Its hard to say what caused this worldwide depression because it’s all based on opinion as opposed to factual data.There are many contributing factors but not one specific event can be pin pointed for starting the depression.


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