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Ownership of wealth, together with occupation, are the chief basis of class differences.Adding Words using “∧”It is fine to add new words into your sentences. You should not need to do this often if you plan your essay properly.You should not start writing your essay until you have a very clear plan with all ideas and supporting points planned.Messy Writing If the examiner can’t read your writing, then the words or sentences that can’t be read will not be counted.This means it could have a serious impact on your score.Although, the ‘rules’ of where a comma needs to be placed should also be followed.For example: A full stop should always be used to end a sentence.A strikethrough is a horizontal line drawn through text, used to indicate the deletion of an error or the removal of text in a draft.If your work is edited or proofed professionally on paper, understanding common revision and editing symbols and abbreviations will help you process the suggested changes.So, make sure your deleted words are clear, new words are easy to read and that your handwriting is legible.It might help to practise handwriting your essays before the test.


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