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Psychologically supportive environments enable patients and families to cope with and transcend illness.The goal of creating a healing environment is to reduce stress, and thereby reduce associated problems such as medical error, inability to concentrate, and physical symptoms of stress that can affect logical thought process.

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The Auditory Environment While so much of the patient's experience is based on visual cues, the majority of meaning of their experience is auditory.

The many sounds of a hospital are foreign to their experience and their line of sight is limited.

Healing environment, for healthcare buildings describes a physical setting and organizational culture that supports patients and families through the stresses imposed by illness, hospitalization, medical visits, the process of healing, and sometimes, bereavement.

The concept implies that the physical healthcare environment can make a difference in how quickly the patient recovers from or adapts to specific acute and chronic conditions.

Today, the philosophy that guides the concept of the healing environment is rooted in research in the neurosciences, environmental psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, and evolutionary biology.

The common thread linking these bodies of research is the physiological effects of stress on the individual and the ability to heal.

Nightingale called for variety, color, and form as a means of arousing creativity and health in patients.

Currently, using appropriate art, nature imagery and music are found to improve the experience of the patient.

Lighting Eighty percent of what we interpret of our surroundings comes to us from what we see of our environment and that is greatly affected by the light available in that environment.

Lighting design in healthcare environments is a major factor in creating healing situations.


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