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The author tried to reveal the boundaries to which science can exceed ethics.

This essay proves that the novel has a tremendous meaning in assessing a contemporary medical research.

Without rough control and organizations, such as the Recombinant Advisory Committee, which “reviews research proposals for ethical considerations” (Calverley 2001), the humanity may eventually slide down to a world where babies are ordered and created upon a designer’s sketch.

With scientific development ethics suffer, which is leading to alterations in beliefs and standards. French Anderson, professor of biochemistry, molecular biology and pediatrics, says, “If you let the standards gradually erode, good people can do evil things” (Celverley 2001).

At the same time this small scene by Shelley reminds of a similar problem in the contemporary medicine – abortions, now a legal procedure in almost any country, once a severely prosecuted act.

All arguments in favor of abortions will never answer the main question: do people have the right to break the life they did not start?This essay is not focused on discussing the pros and cons of it.It just outlines that even scientists find it necessary to impose certain limitations to this sphere of research, “If cloning is undertaken, rigid controls will be mandatory.His primary aim was not to construct a monster, but to disclose a secret of life.However, scientists frequently forget that they are just spectators and try to draw the curtain and disclose the secrets of nature.The period of 17 centuries basically created the foundation for further medical experimentation because experimental observation was beginning to be recognized as a reliable scientific tool (Davies 2004).Mary Shelley’s is a story of the human’s endless pursuit of knowledge, disastrous desire of power over the nature and scientific thirst without any moral against the background of industrial age.This first attempt to rectify his deeds can be considered as the opposite side of the medal – Victor creates the life and takes the life away.One may argue that he had the right to “kill” the female creature as he was the creator of it, moreover, it was not finished, “alive”.Luckily, when the female creature was half ready, the scientist recognized one of the possible courses of events.He destroys the female creature as he sees the potential danger in enabling a new form of life to multiply.


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