Essay Familiar Leaf Narcissus Pool

In very early childhood, when the baby’s mind and brain are still developing, it is thought that the baby is unable to distinguish between itself and the world around it.

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She is the world, and the world responds to her every need.

But life does not continue in this magical vein for long.

The myth of Narcissus conveys this core feature of narcissistic personality disorder powerfully.

The myth tells us how the handsome Narcissus was doted on by the nymph Echo, whom he rejected.

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Essay Familiar Leaf Narcissus Pool

0.00/£85.00 .00/£63.75 Hb Published (January 2001)ISBN 978-1-57181-416-6 25% OFF!In retaliation, the gods decided to punish Narcissus by making him fall in love with his own reflection in a mountain pool.Every time Narcissus reached out to this image of perfection, however, the image fragmented, causing him to die of sadness.Psychoanalysts refer to this crucial period of development as the beginning of object relations.The term object relations may appear contrived, but it accurately describes the fact that the infants first relations are not only to people outside herself, but also to fragmented parts of her own developing mind.She cries and is automatically enveloped in a warm soothing embrace.She is hungry, and warm milk is quickly conjured up to satisfy her need.The problem arises because narcissists love and admire themselves for qualities for which there is no adequate foundation.Rather than being marked by realistic by self-worth, narcissism is characterised by unrealistic self-inflation, masking the absence of a mature sense of self.These characteristics are now understood by psychoanalysts as a failure of the psyche to mature beyond the primitive fragmentation of the childish mind.One of the leading theories on narcissistic disorder, which is based on decades of clinical observation, focuses on how our minds develop from the earliest days of infancy.


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