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Some cite religious books like the Bible as the reason to continue with this atrocity because the Bible requires the death penalty for a wide range of crimes, murder and homosexual behaviour.

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Since 1990 there have been over 40 countries that have abolished the death penalty for all crimes.

In Africa, Ivory Coast and Liberia; in the Americas, Canada, Mexico and Paraguay; in Asia and the Pacific, Bhutan, Samoa, Turkmenistan and Philippines; in Europe and the Caucasus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Serbia, Turkey, Cyprus and Montenegro.

Historically, the penalty is used in cases of murder, espionage, rape, adultery, homosexuality, political corruption (apostasy), and / or - do not follow the official religion in countries theocratic.

It is abolished in almost all countries in Europe and Oceania.

The United Nations, during its General Assembly in 2007, also disliked the legality and use of the death penalty, warning countries to become illegal use and if this is not reintroduced.

The European Union agreed with the decision and now no country in the bloc adopts the death penalty.Most of these opinions boil down to one decision: “Should the death penalty be outlawed, or remain legal?” While both sides on the issue hold some amount of viability, the death penalty should be refused under all circumstances.Capital punishment or Death penalty is a legal process by which a person is killed by the state as punishment for a crime committed.The ruling condemning someone to death is called death sentence, while the process that leads to death is called execution.Retentionists claim that the brutality of capital punishment serves a greater purpose than merely putting an end to the convicted person’s life.It creates fear in the minds of those who might be contemplating capital crimes.There are various kinds of capital punishment prevalent.Some of the most common are: hanging-when the convicted is put to death by suspension by the neck; electric chair- when the convicted is put to death by strapping him to a chair and electrocuted through electrodes placed on the body; lethal injection-when a lethal drug is injected into the convicted’s blood stream; firing squad-when a person is tied up and blind folded and made to stand against the wall and a couple of gunmen aim fire directly at his heart, and the gas chamber-where the convicted is put in a room with a deadly gas and it spreads across the room.However, there is no excuse for murder, barring homicide committed in self defence.By killing someone albeit in the name of justice, we are committing a murder far heinous than the one already committed.


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