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It is difficult to understate how weird this show actually was.In one episode, a tribe of bullfrogs invades Courage’s home and forces his adopted family to dig ponds and croak.

The show’s villains concocted elaborate plots, backed with abundant resources and driven by compelling motives.

Courage was just a scared dog, the exact opposite personality-wise of most typical children’s TV protagonists, who inspire confidence and remain composed while facing danger.

Eustace is a total jerk, whose sole purpose in life is to remind Courage he is a “stupid dog.” Oh, and of course there are monsters, aliens, and ghosts abound.

All Courage wants is a loving family, or at least some peace and quiet.

The theme of humans being used as food is recurrent throughout the series.

Another episode involves a Cajun fox that captures Courage’s caretaker Muriel and attempts to cook her in a stew.These concepts are a bit too mature for toddlers and kids below 5 years and have story plots that cover many episodes and have ‘ arcs ‘( a term that signifies a certain event or problem that will eventually or not be fixed that prolongs episodes)And then there is the completely different topic Anime, of which I'm a HUGE fan of.Anime is a Japanese art style and method of storytelling that is aimed at an adult audience, although there are a few that can be for a whole family.The advantages are that some shows can really teach you a lot about life, it can give you an open mind and it actually makes people a bit wiser, from personal experience.It really teaches you about whats important and some can even teach you conceptual information.One moment I would be enjoying the mindless buffoonery of “Ed, Edd n Eddy,” and the next I would hear the familiar refrain: “We interrupt this program to bring you...Courage the Cowardly Dog Show, starring Courage, the Cowardly Dog!In fact, mention the show to anybody who grew up watching cartoons during the early 2000s, and I’m sure they’ll feel an uncomfortable, nostalgia-induced shiver down their spine.I always thought that the show amassed far too much air time for how popular—or unpopular—it was. What’s more, “Courage” always seemed to sneak up on me.Anime ranges from any genre ever created and has both shows with detailed, excited and mature complicated topics to slice of life lighthearted entertainment to help you escape into another world and make you double over with laughter.Anime is highly entertaining and is both appreciated and underestimated throughout the world, and I have a whole anime community as proof.


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