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Recognizing Behavioral Symptoms Identifying Emotional and Interpersonal Symptoms Ruling Out Other Conditions Obtaining a Diagnosis Show 1 more... Questions & Answers Related Articles References This article was co-authored by Trudi Griffin, LPC.Trudi Griffin is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wisconsin.

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To be diagnosed with HPD a person must exhibit both attention-seeking behaviors and excessive emotional responses.

These must persist in a regular pattern and be excessive when compared to normal behaviors.

Personality disorders are complicated and very serious mental illnesses characterized by abnormal, unhealthy, and distorted patterns of thought and behaviors that cause significant distress and impairment in one or more areas of a person’s life.

HPD causes individuals to seek attention from other people to an excessive degree.

If a parent’s attention toward a child is erratic, for instance, the child may learn to use extreme emotions or dramatic behaviors to get attention.

It is common for someone with any personality disorder to have co-occurring mental illnesses.For instance, both narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders cause attention-seeking behaviors, but people who are narcissistic want to be admired, while those who are histrionic are not as selective and will take almost any kind of attention.Borderline personality disorder similarly causes outsized and intense emotional reactions but also causes self-loathing, which is not typical with HPD.Histrionic personality disorder is often diagnosed with another personality disorder, especially borderline, narcissistic, and antisocial.That these are so similar to HPD has led some experts to question whether it is really a distinct personality disorder or simply a different degree of another cluster B disorder.This personality disorder causes distress and impairment, especially in relationships.Treating it is challenging, because individuals with the disorder are often unable to see that their behaviors and reactions are abnormal.Parenting style and behaviors may also contribute to a young person developing histrionic personality disorder.The way a parent behaves toward and reacts to a child can leave him or her confused about what it means to have self-worth, how to get positive attention, and earning approval from parents.He or she may seem very charming and can become depressed when not the center of attention.It is common for someone with HPD to use their looks, flirtation, and sexual behaviors to get attention.


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