Essay On Nurture Nature

Thus, natural environment determines individual characteristics which are genetically encoded in the DNA.Conversely, individuals possess traits that are not naturally determined.

According to natural behaviorists, it is the genes that will determine the physical trait an individual will have. Therefore, behavioral traits such as sexual orientation, aggression, personality and intelligence are also encoded in the DNA.

However, scientists believe that these characteristics are evolutionary.

Nature is the influence of genetics or hereditary factors in determining the individual’s behavior.

In other words, it is how natural factors shape the behavior or personality of an individual.

These traits are learnt as an individual develops and can easily be changed by the socio-cultural environment where the individual is currently staying.

These characteristics include temperament, ability to master a language and sense of humor.

Those who side with the nature argument believe that the arrangement of our genes determine who we become.

Those who believe in the nurture side believe that genetics play a role in certain traits but overall our environment determines who we become.

In most cases, nature determines the physical characteristics which in effect influence the behavior of an individual.

Physical characteristics such as physical appearance, type of voice and sex which are determined by hereditary factors influences the way people behave.


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