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Hiring, promotion, and salaries are the three main factors that separate the men from the women in the work place.In hiring, men are much more likely to get a job than women are."Conceivably a lot of this stuff is happening in group meetings or a bunch of group dynamics in an office environment, so one thing you can do to have your voice heard the first time: you can have more women in the room," Bennett says.

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Take a look around the room — you're likely not alone in noticing the problem.

When Bridget Todd, co-host of the "Stuff Mom Never Told You" Podcast, got her first "grown-up" job, she struggled to find her voice on issues like this.

Is it fair that women start at lower positions in the work place than men do?

Discrimination in the work place is hindering gender relations in today's modern society.

Women are getting fed up with always being treated unfairly by the employers.

They feel that employers should base their decision on who can do the better job, not who is the male and who is the female."In organizations that I've worked at where it's heavily women, I haven't seen these problems persist," she says.Last year, I wanted to write a piece about sexism in Congress.I think employers have a sort of obligation to hire the women.The companies sometimes feel that if they don't hire enough women, a discrimination suit could arise and that would hurt not only the company financially, but their reputation as well.Well, the hiring of women has only increased about 5%.So, are employers really looking for who gets hired with what degree or is it irrelevant?Although in the last 10 to 15 years, women have gradually closed the gaps.In 1974, 14 to 25% of women earned bachelor degrees in computer and mathematical science."It was more complicated being a black woman because I always thought [if I] complain about this or that, all black women are going to be seen as complainers and they won't hire another black woman,'" she says."So I was always very anxious about that, but as I've gone further in my career, I just wish I had spoken up more." As Todd points out, if you're seeing the issue -- it's harder for women to get their voices heard in brainstorm sessions, for instance -- your female colleagues are probably taking note of similar problems, too.


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