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If a person is engaged with Music and is traveling to Los Angeles, AI will automatically find a Musical event in that city. In this way, AI adds more value to the user experience.

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From driverless cars and smart robots to drones and computer chess champions, technology making our lives more interesting, convenient and safer.

Artificial Intelligence improving or taking over our lives or the technology is evolving faster than we can understand?

As an early adopter, Amazon has a surreal advantage of about 7 years and that is pretty clear in their market shares.

AWS powers about 40% of the internet, just because their hold on AI.

For instance, IBM took the strategy of Watson, which was basically a QA strategy.

On the other hand, with the data possessed Google and Amazon focussed on big learning strategies.Google Assistant can actually ring up a salon or a restaurant to make a reservation for you by speaking to a human on the other end. Making use of AI along with the data will drive more insights about what customers want.In short, AI is the science of extracting information from what we are engaging in.And their hybrid cloud network in Azure which is raking in the market share.With their latest acquisition of Github, their focus on being a cloud-first company is coming across very clearly.Google is rushing in with their own Google Cloud with the best technical offering.But still, they have some ground to cover before posing a serious threat to the market leaders.AI is empowering the next billion AI is here to stay and what we are seeing is just the beginning.whether we realize it or not, it has reached its tipping point and has made its way into our daily lives.AI has the potential to displace a whole economy of truck drivers, delivery services, taxis with a self-driving car.AI is not about rewriting the software of your business model. Amazingly, there are even people who watch TV using the Seeing AI app.AI is all about rewriting the entire business model. This is one small example of how artificial intelligence can enhance the human ability and compensate for challenges we may have.


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