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First and foremost is a piece of wisdom I got from my mother, the repository of all wisdom: “Son, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Of course, my mom would never use ain’t in a sentence, but the wisdom is real. I have been using Microsoft operating systems since I began my solo practice in 1985.

It also has fully integrated time-and-billing and accounting functions (discussed below).

If one product best demonstrates the creativity the Mac allows, it is Circus Ponies Inc.’s Note Book, described as “a combina­tion outliner and free-form database that lets you clip, annotate and share unstructured information.” Its pages can contain text, graphics, audio, video, imported data—vir­tu­ally anything you can imagine.

Then you have to worry about which components would actually be inside the shell and whether they would all work together. The best options for desktop models are the i Mac or the Mac Mini; the i Mac features a stylish one-piece unit containing the monitor and CPU.

When buying an Apple, your choices are very easy to navigate and understand. Meanwhile, the ultra-powerful Mac Pro is there for those who need eight-core power.

Ben Stevens and Rick Georges are not only lawyers using opposing systems; they are proponents who advise on the use of technology in the law office.

They have strong opinions, and they’re not afraid to state them. There are any number of reasons for switching from a PC to a Mac. And since 2005, I have been running a Mac-environment law office.Does a new Mac in the office mean all new accessories and peripherals? For the most part, Macs work with your existing hardware.Even though you may want to buy a sleek new monitor, keyboard or mouse from Apple, you don’t have to.That includes hardware, software, training and learning. Then choose the size of your screen, RAM and hard drive—and you’re done!Otherwise, Apple: Stop insulting me with ads and leave me alone to get my work done. To buy a PC, you are faced with literally thousands of hardware options from hundreds of manufacturers—Dell, Sony, HP, Compaq or even your local computer guy. Since most attorneys prefer laptops, you’ll be choosing the Mac Book, Mac Book Pro or the new, ultralight Mac Book Air.Since I have actually used both PCs and Macs in my fam­ily law practice, I believe that I am uniquely qualified to address the differences in the two systems and state which is better.The simple fact is that more lawyers don’t use Macs today because of misperceptions that still exist—and I hope this article will set the record straight.And with each round, the question grows: Is there a reason to switch to Apple, and is now the time?This year the ABA Journal is letting some real advocates argue the case.Macs work just fine with most printers, scanners and multifunction machines.Even better, there is no time-snatching search for drivers.


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