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Below is a look at how prices have been over the past year. FAO Food Price Index: February 2007 - January 2008 Source FAO, 2008 In this project, we attempt to find out the causes for this price rise, the trends of the rise and the effects that this rise has had on us. High demand for food in developing countries: The growing world population is demanding more and different kinds of food.

Rapid economic growth in many developing countries has pushed up consumers' purchasing power, generated rising demand for food, and shifted food demand away from traditional staples and toward higher-value foods like meat and milk.

Even with the recent doubling of rice prices, to around $1,000 a metric ton for the high grades produced by Australia, it is even more profitable to grow wine grapes. Rise in oil prices and effect on food prices Oil prices have... In reality, what triggers the rise in prices is an increase of money in circulation, which is a result of the actions performed by the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve, being the government agency responsible for printing the nation money supply a barrel, which was the price of oil in this year, had made food price to increase steadily. In developing countries, the price of food increased to an all time record of $ 230 billion (Organization of the United Nations, 2011).

The increasing demand from the middle class in developing countries is one reason.

Essay Price Rise

One of the first causes to explain the food price increase was the growing demand for meat in China and milk in India. This means that each family is getting one dollar a day to spend on food.Rising Food Prices Introduction: Food prices have been on the rise and have become a global issue.Prices have soared over the past year and a half and threaten to go up further if issues are not addressed immediately.Other rice farmers have sold their fields or their water rights, usually to grape growers.Scientists and economists worry that the reallocation of scarce water resources — away from rice and other grains and toward more lucrative crops and livestock — threatens poor countries that import rice as a dietary staple.This issue will influence to change people in the world into poverty.Farmers and investors are profiting from rising food prices in the world.pagewanted=all Peters, G., Ph D (2011, February 16). As corn prices rise, farmers willing to plant more corn and fewer fields of rice, wheat, barley, soybean, canola and anything else that sprout from the ground. Klein, who seeded his farm to canola, last year, notes that soy and canola prices have doubled in the last year and a half while the price lion's share of fast food spending globally.A Look Behind Rising Food Prices: Population Growth; Rising Oil Prices; Weather Events. Since the first half of 2007, several forces have put consumer spending in this critical market under intense pressure. This brings me back to my point of high organic food prices.Drought has already led to significant changes in Australia's agricultural trends.Some farmers are abandoning rice, which requires large amounts of water, to plant less water-intensive crops like wheat or, especially in southeastern Australia, wine grapes.


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