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By the end of the essay, after far too much time in the prison-house of someone else's consciousness, I would be screaming to go for a run myself and would have learned no more about the writer than that he had won/lost/finished the race and that it was hard. It was by a kid who had been a soccer player and used to make fun of the runners with their itty-bitty shorts.After running a 800m as a freshman, he decided maybe there was something to running after all. When he showed up on campus, I tracked him down and we became friends, meeting for weekly breakfasts at a local diner. When I asked him about why he didn't write about that, he said he didn't want to seem like he was bragging.

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Here's what I believe about writing: We write to make people fall in love with us.Writing requires discipline and patience and multiple revisions.Pick up any running club newsletter or click on a friends blog and you will see hundreds, maybe thousands of words, but most of them are not arranged in a way that makes you want to read them.I went back to the beginning of the school year when I was debating if I should run.I remember debating to myself if I would be able to handle the hard work, pain, discipline, desire, and heart that was needed to be competitive at the sport.When I work as a college counselor with high school students, I ask them to come up with a list of 20 (yes, 20) possible topics.Usually, at the top of the list is running, or something like it whatever their "thing" is.(Well, not really, since I don't approve of bandits.) So what? Winning doesn't afford that many opportunities for emotional growth.TO ESSAY IS TO TRYWe get the word essay from the 16th century French writer Montaigne.Or are you that guy who is always trying something new, and so has shoes that are minimalist, pimped out with LED lights, and bundled up in Gore-Tex?A look into the closet can be a look into the soul.


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