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Therefore, this article is particularly relevant for Canada's multicultural society; it describes cultural identity reconstruction within health psychology as a common issue for diverse groups, particularly African-Caribbean immigrant women.

The article speaks to the holistic worldview that is required in a paradigm shift which engages a pluralistic society that is Canada.

In a growing multicultural society that should strive on honoring and respecting the pluralistic cultural worldviews of all people in the health care system, many immigrant women struggle to cope with the social determinants of health post-migration.

Their concerns are often pushed to the margins of health care services, with several individuals relying on their faith for coping strategies. Gender and physical health: a study of African American and Caribbean black adults.

This dimension places value on oral over written expressions, as well as subjective and creative means of communications such as art and music.

Multidimensional perception and verve represent multiple ways of learning, using all the senses, particularly rhythm and motion.

Health psychology has evolved over the last 30 years and is considered one of the most burgeoning fields in contemporary academic psychology (Kaplan, 2009, p. This position is based on numerous studies that support the finding of a healthy immigrant effect, which concludes that immigrants' health is generally better than that of Canadian-born population pre- and post-migration; however, their health tends to decline after approximately 5–10 years in Canada (Ng, 2011, p. Over the years, much of the work on cultural identity has been explored by theorists in the United States (U. Although majority of the research on cultural identity has been completed in the U. Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health Care: An Action Plan for Reform Inside and Outside Services.

S.) who have studied the social constructs of race and related identities in the pan-ethnic collective of people ascribed the racial designation of African-American (Cross et al., 1991, pp. S., there is sparsity of conceptual work that examines cultural identity reconstruction among African-Caribbean immigrants in the field of health psychology. Available online at: ACH/resources/keypaper4Google Scholar Dixon, S. “The relevance of spirituality to cultural identity reconstruction for African-Caribbean immigrant women,” in Counseling in Cultural Context - Identity and Social Justice, ed N.

Affect sensitivity to emotional cues signifies the awareness of one's feelings and the feelings of others as integral part of one's cognition, which is necessary for social adaption. “The psychology of nigrescence: revising the Cross model,” in Handbook of Multicultural Counseling, eds J.

Expressive communication and orality are considered key elements of the Afrocentric framework in how knowledge is conveyed.


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